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Motorcycle Protect - About us

Motorcycles Protect, based in the historic heart of Albi, France, where the passion for two-wheeled machines meets the art of protection. Nestled in a city renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage status, our mission is to echo the excellence and heritage that Albi represents, bringing it to the world of motorcycles.


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Years of Experience
10 Years of excellence
With a decade of experience under our belts, we have refined the art of motorcycle protection to its finest, translating technical prowess into every kit we design.
Best PPF experts
Every year, more than fifteen thousand motorcycles are armored with our high-grade PPF kits, each one a testament to our promise of excellence.
Our Craft
The alchemy of our work lies in transforming premium Paint Protection Film into pre-cut kits that are as much a badge of honor as they are a barrier against the blemishes of travel. In our Albi workshop, innovation meets tradition to create PPF kits that are not only tailored to the specificities of each motorcycle model but are also imbued with the care of artisanal hands.
Our Promise
Our commitment to you is as steadfast as the quality of our product: to deliver a level of protection that meets the demands of the road and exceeds the expectations of the rider. The PPF kits we offer stand as paragons of durability, clarity, and aesthetic integrity, allowing for a ride that’s as visually stunning as it is reliably safeguarded.

Our mission is to safeguard every motorcycle on the globe, ensuring that every rider's passion is preserved through our superior protection.

From the racing circuits to the scenic byways, Motorcycles Protect invites you to experience the intersection of technology and passion. Align with us as we uphold the essence of your ride, ensuring that the spirit of your motorcycle—like the storied streets of Albi—stands timeless against the elements.